The Pantheon

God of Darkness who created the world, monsters, and the Goddess of Light because he was lonely. People that follow him are chaotic, and take joy in the misery of those that covet physical possessions or things that connect individuals to the material world. His element is necrotic.

Goddess of Light, who created life itself, and with the help of their firstborn son, The God of the Hunt. She is all about the hearth, love, family, respect, and loyalty. Her element is radiance.

The God of the Hunt created animals and the ability to survive and hunt and fight. Self sustaining individuals and individuals with high willpower earn his respect the most. His element is lighting, and he finds value in any damage a weapon creates.

The second-born is the Goddess of Knowledge, who is all about history, arcana, research, etc. and she prioritizes progress in her experimentation. Unfortunately she doesn’t care about the consequences of what happens when she achieves her goals. People that follow her prioritize magical research and the spreading of knowledge to all of society. Her elements are psychic and force.

Then Light and Darkness got a divorce, and started making kids independently by simply willing them into existence with their own powers.

The Goddess of Light created the God of Nature, who is all about agriculture, domesticated animals, mining, smithing, and anything else that relates to using the earth’s resources to make something new. He is a big patron of the dwarves. His elements are earth and poison.

Married to him is the Goddess of the Sea, who was born from the God of Darkness. She is all about treachery, deception, displays of power and dominance, sailing, and all things water and ice. Both Gods love each other dearly, but the Goddess of the Sea is very unfaithful to the God of Nature.

The God of Commerce was created into being by the Goddess of Light. He is all things lawful and structural. He has a big focus on wealth, economy, colleges, art centers, museums, restaurants, etc. His elements are air and thunder. All the people that follow him treasure artisans and worldly possessions, and they take pride in status and structure. Everything the God of Darkness hates.

So in return of this slight, the God of Darkness made the exact opposite of the God of Commerce: the Goddess of Luck.

She is all about gambling and chance. She finds joy in acts of lust, wrath, sloth, greed, envy. All things that can lead someone ruin in the world is personified as her. People that are devoted to her are whimsical, passionate, artistic, and doomed to live a life full of equal parts exuberance and poverty. Her elements are fire and acid.

The Pantheon

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